The Headline That Morning

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The Headline That Morning and Other poems is a poetry collection by Ugandan poet, Peter Kagayi. There are 50 poems in the book with wide ranging themes, from love and disillusionment to politics and to social commentary.

Alongside the book is an audio CD with 15 of the 50 poems in the book performed by Peter Kagayi featuring Hawa N Kimbugwe.

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Praise for the book

“Verse after verse, poem after poem, Peter  Kagayi writes lyrically and with measured gusto. Interrogative, irreverent and perceptive, this is a new African voice that is as matured as it is refreshing.

His subject revolves around the history of communities, of human relations, the philosophy of being and the sociology of lack and corruption that plague the real and imagined communities of his poetry.”
Professor Remi Raji
Poet, Professor, Prophet In Camera. He is the author of six volumes of poetry including A harvest of laughters, Lovesong for my wasteland, Gather my blood rivers of song and Sea of my mind),

“Peter’s poetry collection mirrors the past, the present and the future with rich imagery that is both profound and entrancing. It journeys between the scintillatingly funny and the poignant; it both regales and rouses us to look searchingly at the realities of our contemporary lives, including love, politics, religion, and neo-colonialism. It is provocative; it is captivating. It is a delightfully executed first.
Joshua Mmali
Former BBC Uganda Correspondent and author of The Bad Friends (children’s novel), The Betrothal (drama), and Voices from the Sea (a collection of poems).

“Peter Kagayi’s work asks questions that open new paths, and where they don’t open new paths they show us new ways to take old paths. He invites you to walk down paths with him, on buses, trains and muddy roads always looking around and asking “Where am I?”
Michael Onsando
A reader and author of something quite unlike myself.


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