Crisis…? What Crisis?!

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In his latest work, “Crisis..? What Crisis?” Gado focuses on the events that shaped Kenya in the pivotal years leading up to – and after – the disastrous 2007 election. A wide range of topics are covered such as the country’s grand coalition government and its new constitution, the international Criminal Court and its tough-taking retiring Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo, corruption in all its forms. Obama-mania, the antics of Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, and the growing Chinese presence in Africa.

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No weapon is as potent in the hands of the weak as humor. It is subversive in the manner it speaks truth to power and is almost impossible to suppress.

In the hands of the cartoonist Gado, there have been few weapons in the arsenal of the ordinary person in Kenya as powerful as his cartoons, which have managed the feat of serving up a critique of the elite in a way which it is difficult to imagine one doing in any other medium.

Gado has been a mainstay of the national dialogue since the 1990s during the bleakest years of the Moi dictatorship and he has continued his sharp-eyed observation of society in the post-Kanu era.


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