It is not every day that a duo of poets come up with an anthology that spans such a broad poetic landscape, in terms of themes, mood, tone and structure. The subject matter of these poems covers a wide range of human experience: needy communities, domestic discord, broken homes and hopes, national disaffection, endemic corruption in high places, war and peace in the land, environmental degradation, but also rays of love and hope, and so on. Hand in hand with the topical content, issues and concerns of both a personal and social nature that are depicted, is the rich craftsmanship at work in the poems.

In addition, the magic of this craftsmanship is in the simplicity of language with which deep experiences and sentiments are feelingly expressed. Combined with the simplicity of language is the richness of home-grown imagery or picture language.

The poems in this anthology resonate across ethnic communities and generations. The anthology adds to the growing corpus of poems that have emerged from Uganda over the years.


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