Though we are different people , sorrows and happiness are journeys that do not discriminate rich or poor. We all experienced hardships in the genocide. What hurts most is the silence from the rest of the world. The lack of consideration.

We lived through dark times, your age didn’t matter and your bank balance didn’t matter. Unfortunately days cant tell theior stories. Our scars are what remind us of those days, physical scars, psycological scars, some of us moved on others are still consumed by this darkbness. They refuse to heal, to move on, how can we save them?

I always wish I could forget my past, the hardships, but mostly the losses. For me the genocide was a trying time for me. It yanked my childhood, I had to grow up before my time, had there been no war, would I have had a happier childhood?

We will always wonder what would have been if 1994 hadn’t happen for us, as a nation, as individuals, as families. The pains, the difficulties. The numerous chidren who cant tell their stories but were gvictyinms like me. My only wish is that the perpetrators of this evil eventually pay their price, can the law fully take its course?

This book is a beacon of peace, our history as Rwanda has brought up children that are strong willed, children who are fixers, they try to make right what went wrong in our past. Sometimes failing, other times succeeding. We can only wish them well, because they are our pillar as a nation.


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