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  1. Turn The Page provides door-to-door delivery within Kampala, but every after two days.
  2. Clients who place their orders over the weekend should expect to receive their deliveries on Monday, while those who order on Monday and Tuesday should expect to receive theirs on Wednesday, and those who order on Wednesday and Thursday will receive theirs on Friday.
  3. An extra fee, twice the normal delivery fee, will be charged for what can and will be understood to amount to emergency deliveries.
  4. Turn The Page will only proceed to make deliveries for all orders placed by clients who pay through the Pesapal options, but only after confirmation of payment.
  5. Clients who make payments by way of Pesapal will receive either an E-mail or text message notification for the payment they have made as coming from Umoja Bridge (U) Limited, a shareholder in Turn The Page.