Activities In September.


We wish you a beautiful, eventful, happy new month of September, 2016.

Following from where we left off last month, we will continue with our growing tradition of two events per month, but plus one more; two author appearances and readings, and a reflection on the common text of the month.

On September 2, 2016, we will host Acan Innocent Immaculate, a budding Ugandan writer, whose story, Sundown, is the winner of the just ended 2016 Writivism Festival’s Short Story Prize.

Acan Innocent Immaculate, our guest for the #TTPBookMeet on September 2, 2016, will be joining us for an author appearance and reading.

Acan’s Sundown is dark, near-apocalyptical, and eschatological. There is no hope left for and we get to experience that depressing world through the eyes of a disillusioned child. The main character’s situation is as tragic as it can get, as all the earth’s inhabitants, considered as not being part of mankind’s best, are sentenced to die with earth. It is a beautifully written story, whose plot unravels with an awful elegance.

On September 16, 2016, we will meet for a reflection on the common text for the month, which is Boy, Interrupted, a novel by Saah Millimono. Boy, Interrupted is a searing, heartbreaking love story and an insightful and moving debut which captures Liberia’s people, politics and cityscape during its civil war.

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Boy, Interrupted is our common text for the month of September. We will reflect on it in the #TTPBookMeet of September, 16, 2016.

You are encouraged to proceed to purchase your copy by following this link, in preparation for September 16’s book club meeting.

On September 30, 2016, we will meet for another author appearance and reading, where and when we will host a yet to be announced guest.

Our book club meetings still happen in Hive Colab, which is in Kanjokya House, and on Kanjokya Street, and start at 5PM.

We hope to share your and all your friend’s company on the highlighted dates.


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