Activities In August.

Hello, there.

We, at Turn The Page, would like to wish you a wondrous, new month.

During the month of August 2016, we will have two notable events. The first is an author’s appearance, made by Gloria Kiconco, on Friday, August 5, 2016.


Gloria Kiconco, who will be making an author’s appearance on Friday, August 5, 2016.

Gloria Kiconco is a phenomenal poet who has authored and had published her poems, which are available to us, the audience, in the form of zines.

You can skim through her work, and, importantly, purchase it by following this link.

You can, also, read the author’s own write-up on the aesthetic impressions that make the artistic designs on her work, by following this link.

Gloria’s work has also been reviewed by Raymond Lule. His review is accessible via this link.

The second will be another book club meeting which will be taking place on Friday, August 19, 2016, for a reading, discussion, and reflection on Nurrudin Farah’s Hiding In Plain Sight, our common text for the month of August.

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Nuruddin Farah’s Hiding In Plain Sight, our common text of the Month.

For those who have not read it before, you are encouraged to proceed to get your own copy of the book by following this link in preparation for August 19.

We hope to see you and your friends, and to share on these and more when they both happen.

Best regards.