Book club rules? No! But, guidelines for engagement


A picture from our inaugural meeting, on Friday, May 27, 2016.

  1. Besides turning up for meetings and keeping time, which happen every fortnight, and between 5:30PM and 7PM respectively, there are, really, no rules. We believe in freedom, in all definitions of the word.


  1. Members can raise objections and/or suggestions for amendments to the books highlighted for/in the schedule, and ask that necessary changes be made.


  • Those suggestions, for example, pertaining to availability of the book scheduled as a common book for the month, can be raised at least two weeks before the following month so as to allow all members to prepare accordingly.


  1. The first meeting is organised in a unique way, one that provides invited local – Ugandan – writers with a platform to interact with their and new readers, engage them, and encourage them to both criticise and purchase their work.


  1. The first meeting concentrates, and importantly so, on what can be described as simple, easy to consume or appreciate works that may include a poem or story or more that make up part of what has been published as an anthology that they contributed to.


  1. The second meeting, and final meeting of the month, is dedicated to the text or common book for the month which is a longer read and is selected, for various reasons, from different parts of the continent.


  • For the purposes of comparison and inclusion, the first meeting may schedule a local work which is coupled together with a notable, alternative work from another region of the continent with the intent of comparing how our literature matches up with the rest of the world that we live in.


  • Meeting dates may change, but only due to conflicting events, or unforeseen inconveniences beyond our control. In any circumstance, prior communication will be made.
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    Our common text for the month of May, 2016.


  1. Suggestions for new books for the bookstore and alternative books for the book club are always welcome.