Book Club

The essence of  the Turn The Page Book Club is, mainly, to interest and  maintain both confidence and conviction in a market made up of readers and authors that would otherwise and gradually grow disinterested due to dearth of enthusiasm and a general lack of innovative formulas to keep both readers and authors motivated.

The club is an all embracing community of people who are interested in contemporary works of African literature.

It brings together people who reside in different towns in the region – its first zone of concentration, but keep in close relation with each other by way of diverse online platforms, if and when they can not make a team of at least five people in their local towns of either Kisoro, Mbarara, Kampala, Jinja, Kitgum, Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Arusha, Singida, Dar-es-salam, Kigali, Gisenyi to mention but a few.

Its members have a meet up, on an agreed, regular, consistent date to have a discussion on a recommended or suggested book(s) that has been read by all their colleagues.

Meet ups are organised to share views and gain insights into the month’s book(s) of choice and encourage struggling writers to write even more by criticizing their work.

The book club is always open to suggestions for books which are influential or topical enough for the members to confer upon.

Also, it organises events which take its members to BBQ-ing or camping spots in the region where they enjoy both book discussions, public readings, conversations and the beauty that is the ever inspiring nature.

It will, in the future, organize festivals which will bring together all the remote book club members, authors, publishers, distributors from across Africa  and beyond to an ever changing African location in for a celebration of literature.

It will, amongst others, involve, interest, and partner with various institutions and communities in the region and involve them in reading, and reviewing the books they are interested in – suggested and/or recommended or otherwise.