Miriam’s Travels – Miriam Kyasiimire

Miriam’s Travels, a travel journal by Miriam Kyasiimire.

For the lovers of the road and adventure, here is a new friend. Her name is Miriam. Miriam has been to the folds and corners of this country out of passion. You know how you purpose to finish all the food you have served on the plate and you achieve it? That is how Miriam has gone about the business of unwrapping the beauty that is the Pearl of Africa; Uganda.

At first, it was a passion of learning about her country only to learn that she would earn from it. Through organizing trips for other people, she would get to breathe life into her vision of trotting the globe.

The only way this would be realized was by opening up KAGERA Safaris, a tour, and travel company that organizes tours around Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi.

Not many people have taken off time to write travelogues and that could be because of one of the minor detail in which Miriam majored; journaling her travel experiences. The experiences here in written were first journal entries which only graduated to this a book.

Here, she shares experiences of the different places she has been not only in Uganda but also around the region.

This book is a combination of a number of factors. One, Miriam writes about the places she has been to herself she gives a detailed account of the geography of the place, how one can get there, and the activities to do while there. Two, she indirectly shares her sole journey of building a tour and travel company in an industry that is driven by heavy marketing budgets, influence, and verve. She tells you of how she has beaten the system at all odds. Thirdly, Miriam deliberately digresses from the travel to talk about her zeal and drive as a young Cristian woman in the business space.

Having drawn inspiration from her dear father to be self-employed, little did she know that it was more than wishing and free dreaming. By trying to actualize her dream, she has found herself at a place where she has had to roll her sleeves, bite her upper lip and get dirty with fingers crossed that things work out. The mere fact that this book is out is testimony enough that indeed when one puts in the effort, things work out.

This 178 paged book gives insights on how you can go about choosing your tour packages and how you can achieve more from your trip by spending less. Miriam’s travel journal is bound in a golden hardcover which makes it easier to carry along. She makes use of various photographs taken from the places she writes about which makes it an inviting read for one to keep.

This review, of Miriam’s travelogue, is written, for ttpafrica.com, by David Kangye. Copies of the book can be purchased from ttpafrica.com.

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