Questions For Ada – Ijeoma Umebinyuo

Ijeoma Umebinyuo’s Questions For Ada.

Questions for Ada is a collection of poems, but, mostly, it reads like a manual for your healing.


Reading the book, it is obvious that Ijeoma Umebinyuo has the uncanny ability to weave magic from her pain and the pain of others. I first saw her poems in those inspirational quotes online, and so I followed her on Twitter. By the time I got a copy of the book, I was head over heels with her personality and her sass. The book, thankfully, did not disappoint.


She tackles femininity, masculinity, the lives of women, mental health, colonialism, identity, and so many other important issues in a way that is both brave and compassionate. Many poems are short and poignant, suited to be daily mantras. Others are long and elaborate, especially when she wants to tell a story. Her poems are reminiscent of folklore in some parts, reflecting her commitment to authenticity and preserving our culture.


I like to read fast, and then come back and linger over books this good. Yet, for this book, I had to read slowly, savoring it like a good meal.


As a woman, reading the poems in “Questions for Ada” was an especially spiritual experience. She chided me for shrinking myself, more than once. She reminded me of my beauty, my grace, my strength, my poise. She knows so intimately the demons that black girls fight: a painful lack of self-esteem, hurt and disappointment from abusive relationships, the pain of heartbreak, the fear of love, the lack of self-love. She is the big sister and the best friend: showing you she gets it, telling you how to get past it.


Yet, keeping with the (in) famous feminist cry “The personal is political”, she shows how politics affects individual lives with the way she critiques colonialism and institutionalized sexism. Reading the book, it is obvious that the author is committed to speaking out about all the things that would destroy us as she so aptly described in her TED talk. This is a book I will read until the pages are frayed. A true gem.

This review, of Ijeoma Umebinyuo’s Questions For Ada, was written, for Turn The Page Africa, by Ophelia Kemigisha.

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