Cassandra – Violet Barungi

The cover image for Violet Barungi’s Cassandra.

Set in the Kampala of the late 1980s, and the early 1990s, the story of Cassandra, a beautiful, opinionated, somewhat sensible young woman, is predictable.

Cassandra is entangled in a sort of love triangle with two brothers – one, a famed Casanova, and the other, a stoic and moody Darcy. She chooses the Casanova, Raymond, who is estranged from his wife, has a son but treats her like a queen. Bevis, Raymond’s brother, admires Cassandra from afar and secretly believes his brother does not deserve her at all. He is, however, too gentlemanly to make any moves on her now that she has chosen his brother.

As it turns out, Cassandra’s choice of the Casanova brother is not as favourable as she hoped as she deals with one incident of drama after another. By the time the novel closes, though, Bevis and Cassandra are together and Cassandra is at the top of her career game. It can, thus, be said that all’s well that ends well.

The novel’s author, Violet Barungi, is evidently talented, weaving her words together nicely to form the story. She, also, skillfully tackles the difficult issues of that time in Uganda including the AIDS scourge and civil war making her story relatable. However, she is let down by attempting to pursue multiple storylines that she has difficulty linking effectively to each other. The reader is, thus, left with the task of trying to keep track of which character is which and how they connect to which storyline.

This review, of Cassandra, was written, for Turn The Page Africa, by Lynn Gitu Turyatemba.

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