#TTPBookMeet’s Schedule Of Events From July To December 2017


The most recent #TTPBookMeet, in which we hosted Xenson, for a conversation on his Kizi Kiza.

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We hope that you have been keeping well.

After taking a hiatus during the month of June 2017, to both reflect and prepare better, Turn The Page Africa’s #TTPBookMeet continues this July for its original bimonthly meetings which are made up of interactions with authors making appearances and conversations about common texts for the month.

We have, therefore, detailed a calendar of events for the period July 2017 through December 2017. This calendar is now available readily available on our website. We have, in addition, made the most of Facebook’s events function, just like we have been using our Goodreads group before to make it much more convenient for as many more to discover and RSVP their participation, which is often to any and all.

That calendar is as follows;


On Friday, July 28, 2017, #TTPBookMeet will meet for a reading, and reflection, on Mugabi Byenkya’s Dear Philomena, his debut novel.


Dear Philomena is a story of two strokes, one girl, one boy, and a whole lot of magical realism. It captures the ways that people read, live and behave in the new millennium. Byenkya speaks to mental and physical health, love and friendship, support and patience in ways that have yet to be done; all the while creating a uniquely suspenseful and thoughtful piece of literature.

The title is available for sale on our online bookshop and in our points of sale in Kampala, Uganda and Kigali, Rwanda. It has also been reviewed, by Laureene Ndagire, for our website.


#TTPBookMeet will have two meetings in August. The first on August 11, and the second on August 25.

In the first, #TTPBookMeet will host a yet to be announced author, for a conversation and reflection on their work.


In the second, #TTPBookMeet will meet for a reading and reflection on We Are All Blue, a title, which, for the first time in Botswana’s history, moves drama from the stage to print. We Are All Blue consists of two award-wining plays by Donald Molosi: Blue, Black and White and Motswana: Africa, Dream Again. Quett Masire, Botswana’s second president, contributes the foreword to this unique volume.

Joel Benjamin Nevender has reviewed We Are All Blue before. It is also available for purchase and delivery worldwide on our online bookshop.


It is in September that #TTPBookMeet will meet, first, on September 8, for an author appearance, to be made by a to be announced author for a conversation on their work.

In the second book club meeting, which will be on September 22, for a reading of and reflection on A Poetic Duet.


Jane Okot p’bitek Langoya and Sophie Nuwagira Bamwoyeraki coauthored A Poetic Duet is an anthology whose poems resonate across ethnic communities and generations. It adds to the growing corpus of poems that have emerged from Uganda over the years.

The title is available in our points of sale in Uganda and Rwanda and on our online bookshop for delivery both locally and worldwide.


#TTPBookMeet will meet on October 6, and October 20, for an author appearance and a conversation on a common text of the month respectively.

On October 6, #TTPBookMeet will host a to be announced author for an interaction on work which, as it will be Uganda’s independence month, reflects on our odyssey since 1962, and how the literary realm has illustrated it over the years.

On October 20, #TTPBookMeet will confer for a conversation on Flame And Song, the common text of the month.

Flame and Song Cover 2


Philippa Namutebi Kabali-Kagwa’s Flame ANd Song is a soul-warming memoir tells of a life enriched by song, literature, food and spirituality at the heart of a loving family.

Ophelia Kemigisha has reviewed Flame And Song for our website. It is available in our points of sale in Uganda and Rwanda and on our online bookshop for delivery both locally and worldwide.


#TTPBookMeet will host a to be named author or November 3, and meet, again, for a retrospective reflection on the common text of the month, on November 17.


On November 17, #TTPBookMeet will meet for a reflection of Othuke Ominiabohs’s A Conspiracy Of Ravens. Othuke Omniabohs’ which is a deftly woven tale of love and hate, patriots and traitors, and of heroes and villians. A tour de force. A thriller.

A Conspiracy Of Ravens has been reviewed, by Rachel Kunihira, for our website.  It is available in our points of sale in Uganda and Rwanda and on our online bookshop for delivery both locally and worldwide.


#TTPBookMeet will close the year with two meetings in December, the first on December 1, and the last on December 15.

We will let you know which author we will be hosting on December 1.

SUMAYA-LEE2-267x300 THE-STORY-OF-MAHA2-267x300

For the second and last #TTPBookMeet, there will be a reflection on Sumayya Lee’s two titles The Story Of Maha and Maha Ever After, which, as Ophelia Kemigisha reviewed, Sumayya Lee skilfully highlights serious issues of apartheid, racism, and sexism without moving away from what appears to be the privileged life of Maha – her main character.

The Story Of Maha and Maha Ever After are both available in our points of sale in Uganda and Rwanda and on our online bookshop for delivery both locally and worldwide.