A Year In Service, And April 2017.

It is now a few days past a year since we started out with what was the challenge that became the consuming thrill of contributing to the endeavour of making African Literature more accessible, more available, and more affordable for, first, Ugandans, and, now, readers from the rest of the world whom we have ably served. It has been a pleasure stocking up, reviewing, and having conversations about African Literature.
In the period of a year, we have successfully sought, and made possible mutually benefiting partnerships with, for example, Writivism Literary Initiative (as their trading partners), Bookpoint Uganda (for the purpose of bettering availability of African Literature), a network of 35 public libraries and secondary, English and African Literature teaching schools (for the purpose of growing a network, one aimed at making African Literature more accessible) and Orangepine Reading Space, which is in Kamwokya, Kampala, right opposite the Uganda Museum/British Council/DAKS Toyota (which is one of our physical, points of sale in Uganda.) We have opened up Rwanda, as forthcoming details will illustrate.
Beyond Uganda, we have entered partnerships with, for example, Roving Heights, which is a Nigeria based book distributor. Such partnerships are aimed at availing, in Eastern Africa, books, from Western Africa, we previously could not find, and, in Western Africa, books, they previously could not find.
As such, we are now able to serve orders for books coming in from local, Ugandan towns that were never on the reading radar like Ishaka, Jinja, and Kitgum and those from countries both near and far like Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Botswana, Nigeria, Zambia, Austria and Switzerland, to mention but a few of our most recent deliveries. 
Our shipping policy is, currently, a standard of 24 hours within Kampala, 48-72 hours within East Africa, and 5 – 7 working days worldwide. We are fast turning into what we have positioned ourselves to be; a local company, but with a global perspective.
Please note that a detail of all our partners is to be illustrated on our website which is being redesigned to make it more beautiful, much easier to navigate, and will be shared in due course.
We hope for more mutually benefiting, beautiful partnerships in the future.
Our book reviews, made possible by a passionate team of reviewers, those which were previously available online – on our website – and shareable via social mediums like Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp, are now published, on Mondays, in The Daily Monitor, a leading local independent daily newspaper for reading by a much wider audience. The first result of this partnership is Esther Mirembe Astar‘s review of Panashe Chigumadzi‘s Sweet Medicine, which was published, in the Daily Monitor, on Monday, March 26, 2017.
Our book club meetings, which are targeted at having more people having conversations about works of African Literature have happened, consistently, on a fortnight basis, in 2016, and on a monthly basis, in 2017. We have read, and shared, and passionately so, on various, scheduled common texts of the month, and interacted with several authors who have graced us with their appearances.
The very next #TTPBookMeet will be held on April 7, in Hive Colab, Kampala, Uganda. We will be hosting Nakisanze Segawa, for an interactive, retrospective reflection of her debut novel, The Triangle. You are invited to join us physically, or, latently, by following the hast tag #TTPBookMeet, and interacting with us online as we live tweet these events.
If you have not done so yet, please do connect to stay in the loop with us through our social media platforms. We are on Twitter as @TTPAfrica, on Facebook as Turn The Page (@TTPAfrica), on Instagram as @africanpages, on Goodreads as a group named Turn The Page, and on the web, or, rather, online via the link books.alextwino.com.
You can, also, subscribe to our newsletter by inputting your details into the newsletter button at the bottom of our website.
We will always be ready, and delighted to serve you and all your friends.