Homegoing – Yaa Gyasi.

The cover image of Yaa Gyasi’s Homegoing.

Yaa Gyasi writes Homegoing from her heart. She tackles the tough topic of slavery in the Gold Coast with a finesse that the reader has to admire. Her descriptions are superb making the reading experience pleasurable. Take for example this depiction of an old woman who was considered a witch in one of the Gold Coast villages;

‘She was missing all but her four front teeth, evenly spaced, as though they had chased all of the other teeth out of her mouth and then joined together in the middle, triumphant’.

Homegoing is a fitting tribute to West Africa’s men, women and children whose lives were upended both in Africa and abroad by the horror that was slave trade. This tribute is particularly special because Yaa Gyasi endeavours to tell their story with a positive tone, depicting them as survivors instead of victims.

This review, of Yaa Gyasi’s Homegoing, was written for Turn The Page Africa, by Lynn Gitu Turyatemba.

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The Joys Of Motherhood – Buchi Emecheta.

The cover image of Buchi Emecheta’s The Joys Of Motherhood.

All Nnu Ego (pronounced new ego) ever wanted was to make her father proud by birthing many sons to her husband to whom she was married off in the most lavish wedding ceremony Ibuza had ever seen. She was a lovechild- a result of her mother and father’s unconventional relationship. Nnu Ego’s mother, Ona, had refused to marry Chief Agbadi despite his obsessive love for her.

Unfortunately, for Nnu Ego, her deepest desire is not met and after about a year being married to Amatokwu and not getting pregnant, a new wife is brought home. By and by, Nnu Ego, is disgracefully sent back to her father’s home. She is eventually married off again to Nnaife Owulum- who lives and works in Lagos as a ‘washerman’ for a white couple. To her utmost joy, she goes on to give birth to nine children with him.

The Joys of Motherhood is poignant. A 20th Century book whose themes still hold true in the 21st Century. Buchi Emecheta handles the issues of patriarchy, polygamy and the disadvantaged lot of the African woman without fear or favour. To her credit, she manages to balance her portrayal of the African mother as strong, all-weather, even willing to give up everything including her very own life for her children, yet, vulnerable.

This review, of Buchi Emecheta’s The Joys Of Motherhood, was written by Lynn Gitu Turyatemba, for Turn The Page Africa.

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The Frank Bushuyu Mutaremwa Books

Young and Rich.

The cover image of Mutaremwa Frank Bushuyu’s The Young And The Rich.

The first time I saw this book I thought, oh great, another cliché self-help book.

But while reading it, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a book written by an African, for Africans.

In Young and Rich, Bushuyu portrays discontent with the education system of the country, a sentiment shared by lots of people and also disappointment in those who stay in or work jobs they have no interest in because they have been pushed into it by status quo and/or parents that don’t know better. Essentially ignoring their talents.

This book is for the student, the educator, the parent, the employee, the employer, the business person. It is for everyone, really.

Young And Rich is filled with quotable phrases and deep truths brought forward in a very simple style of writing, and in 83 pages only.

The book encourages self-discovery and is highly educational.

I enjoyed Young And Rich so much that I learnt so much from it so I highly recommend it.  It will motivate you to chase your dreams as it did me.

Forbid Not Speaking In Tongues.

The cover image of Mutaremwa Frank Bushuyu’s Forbid not Speaking In Tongues.

The subject of speaking in tongues has for long been a polarizing and controversial topic in the Christian world today. However, Pastor Frank Bushuyu, in his very simple delivery, conveys powerful truths about this topic while also answering the common misconceptions and objections raised concerning this subject.

With scriptural backing, Pastor Frank points out the need for speaking in tongues and as well as the benefits to a believer. The book is for tongue speaking Christians, it will encourage you to speak more tongues and also help you realize the importance of speaking in tongues.

It is also for those do not speak in tongues and desire to, this book will give you a practical way to receive the gift. And, finally, for the skeptic as well.

Forbid Not Speaking In Tongues is essential for today’s Christian.

Love Most Excellent.

The cover image of Mutarewa Frank Bushuyu’s Love Most Excellent.

Let us talk about love! It is all about love. Over these three books, I have come to enjoy and appreciate Frank Bushuyu’s very simple way of revealing profound truths.

Love Most Excellent is extremely quotable as it talks about a theme that’s very vital in the church, love. It has even been called the greatest commandment.

The love talked about in this book is not human affection, not erotic love, but love most excellent. Pastor Frank takes various scripture and delves deeper into them.

With a deep understanding of the examples of scripture he uses, Pastor Frank illustrates that love is not just love, but rather it is God.

It’s a book that’s relevant for today’s Christian.

All three Mutaremwa Frank Bushuyu’s books, The Young And The Rich, Forbid Not Speaking In Tingues, and Love Most Excellent, were reviewed by Mable Amuron, for Turn The Page Africa.

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