Schedule Of Common Texts For 2017


We hope your holidays went well, and that 2017 has not any pathetic yet.

We, at Turn The Page, are delighted to inform you that the ever so engaging #TTPBookMeet resumes, as hereby scheduled, on Friday, February 10, 2017.


Some of the titles, from past and forthcoming #TTPBookMeet

For 2017, we have taken advice from some of our members, thought, and planned to proceed as follows;

We will meet once a month, on the second Friday of every month, for a retrospective reflection on the common text for that month. A guest(s), whenever possible, will join us to contribute to and engage us in conversation.

To increase on the number of books that we will have covered and/or read throughout the year, it is worth noting that, beyond the common text for the month, we will couple it with either our own recommendation or the visitor’s or member’s own selection as long as its themes or topics of concern are relatable to the common text of the month and/or the conversation.

The schedule of common texts for the first half of the year is as follows

Date Time Title Author Theme(s) / Genre(s) Coupling Venue
Feb 10 17:30 Homegrown Love Evelyn Karungi & Elma Asio “Immigrant Literature” Gambit, The Thing Around Your Neck Hive Colab
March 10 17:30 Odufa: A Lover’s Tale Othuke Ominiabohs Love The Love Potion Hive Colab
April 14 17:30 The Triangle Nakisanze Segawa DocuFiction Kintu Hive Colab
May 12 17:30 Kizi Kiza Samson “Xenson” Ssenkaba Poetry A Poetic Duet, Poetry In Motion, A Nation In Labour, The Headline That Morning Hive Colab


For better preparations, copies of these and more titles are available (for your order, and our delivery of them) on our online bookshop.

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We wish you all the best during the year, a year in which we will continue serving you.